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Pain in the ball of your foot, the area between your arch and toes, is generally called metatarsalgia. The pain usually centers on one or more of the five bones, or metatarsals, in this mid-portion of the foot.

Also known as “dropped metatarsal heads,” metatarsalgia can cause abnormal weight distribution due to overpronation. Metatarsalgia causes the metatarsal joints to become  painful or inflamed. People often develop a callus under the affected joint.

Metatarsalgia can also be caused by:

  • Arthritis

  • Foot injury (sports, car accidents, repeated stress)

  • Hard surfaces (cement or tile floors)

  • Specific footwear (rigid-soled work boots)

Inappropriate shoes will only aggravate the condition. A simple change of shoes may solve the problem. In more severe cases, full-length custom-molded foot orthotics may need to be prescribed.

Progressive Podiatry is an ideal choice for both prevention and treatments. To learn more about Progressive Podiatry, or to schedule a consultation with a specialist, please call (859) 331-2440.

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