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Hammertoe is a deformity of the second, third or fourth toes. This condition causes the toe to bend at the middle joint, resembling a hammer. Causes of hammertoe include improperly fitting shoes and muscle imbalance.

Individuals with hammertoe may also feel pain in their toes or feet and have difficulty finding comfortable shoes.

Progressive Podiatry's common non-surgical hammertoe treatments include:

  • Recommendations for shoes with soft, roomy toe boxes

  • Toe exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles

  • Commercially available straps, cushions or non-medicated corn pads

Specialists at Progressive Podiatry understand the importance of seeking hammertoe treatments. Left untreated, hammertoes can become inflexible and require surgery. People with hammertoe may also develop corns or calluses on the top of the middle joint or tip of the toe.

Progressive Podiatry is an ideal choice for both prevention and treatments. To learn more about Progressive Podiatry, or to schedule a consultation with a specialist, please call (859) 331-2440.

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