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What Are Bunions

Bunions are one of the most common foot issues. Bunions are misaligned big toe joints that can become swollen and tender, causing the first joint of the big toe to slant outward, and the second joint to angle toward the other toes.


What Causes Bunions

Bunions tend to be hereditary, but can be aggravated by shoes that are too narrow in the forefoot and toe.


Bunion Prevention Tips

Progressive Podiatry recommends the following to prevent bunions:

  • Keeping track of the shape of your feet (especially if foot problems run in your family)

  • Exercising your feet in order to strengthen them (pick up small objects with your toes)

  • Wear shoes that fit properly and that do not cramp or pinch your toes

  • Avoid shoes with high heels or pointed toes

Bunions are often painful deformities of the foot that require surgery to correct and alleviate pain. Specialists at Progressive Podiatry can help determine if bunion surgery is the most appropriate treatment option. Generally, bunion surgery includes an incision in the top or side of the big toe joint and removal or realignment of soft tissue bone. This is done to relieve pain and restore normal alignment to the joint.

Progressive Podiatry is an ideal choice for both prevention and treatments. To learn more about Progressive Podiatry, or to schedule a consultation with a specialist, please call (859) 331-2440.

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